Psychotherapy Practice

Charles Johnston, MD
4324 Meridian Ave N.
Seattle , WA 98103
phone: 206-526-8562
email: [email protected]

License, Certification, or Registration:  Physician, State of Washington. Psychiatrist

Client Population: Individuals

Appointments: Wednesdays and Thursdays 9am to 9pm

Payment Options: $150/hr. Being a physician, most insurance companies provide coverage (at least 50%), but I will always be an out-of-network provider. I have a policy of not charging for initial sessions unless we decide to work together.

Therapy Styles: I focus on in-depth work. I have a broad background and often use quite different approaches depending on the person and issues. My training over the years includes cognitive/behavioral, humanistic, Jungian/analytic, biomedical, and creative (art and movement therapy) approaches. At this point in my practice I no longer prescribe medication.

Areas of Expertise: My experience is extensive — including fifteen years training therapists as clinical director at the Institute for Creative Deveopment and fifteen years previous to that in private practice and working in university settings. I work with a wide range of concerns including life purpose and direction, intimacy, anxiety/depression, life transitions, grief and loss, spiritual fulfillment, and professional effectiveness. Specific concerns tend in time to branch out into more encompassing questions of general well-being, creative fulfillment, and personal potency. While those who work with me come from a great variety of backgrounds and address diverse issues, I am probably most known for my work with people of creative bent (I was a sculptor and musician before becoming a physician), individuals in positions of leadership, and people who are themselves in the helping professions. Whoever I am working with, my interest lies ultimately
with helping that person be in touch with what to him or her most matters in life and to shape his or her life in ways that deeply honor it. and

Other Information

At this point in my life I split my time about equally between practicing psychotherapy and writing.  I write about both psychological and social issues. Shorter social issue-related pieces can be found on the Cultural Maturity blog My books can be found at