Institute Learning Opportunities

Dr. Johnston is happy to make himself available on-line for groups using his writings in classes.  He is available on a much more limited basis for teaching, but if he takes on working with a group, he does so with depth and commitment. Those with potential interest should contact him at [email protected].


Immediately below are comments from a conference organizer who recently made use of this new approach along with a comment from one of the participants in the workshop

“Our one-day workshop with Charley was outstanding. With students and graduates reading Hope for the Future ahead of time, we created a mini-think-tank with well-prepared participants eager to contribute relevantly. Charley was spot-on in addressing our needs as family support professionals who wish to apply the book’s concepts and principles in our work. His signature right-on questioning, along with his uncanny ability to adjust the flow for maximum aliveness, resulted in deep thinking and high energy. We all can’t wait to have him back!”

Gloria DeGaetano, Director, Parent Coach International                                           (

“And Charley – was wow! I had no idea how I could twist and turn my perspective and ask completely different questions. Amazing! He’s such an interesting combination of wisdom, humor, creativity, brilliance!”

Melissa Ford, PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Empowering Parent Solutions   (


Below are a few comments from past year-long Intensive program participants:

 “The Intensive is a revelation…. As I frame and engage the questions of our times, I now start from an expanded vision of the challenges and the possibilities”

— Walter Parsons, past COO, KCTS Television

“…What a challenge, what a relief, what a joy to confront myself and my participation in the world in these ways. Sometimes I feel like I have arrived at a well-provisioned smorgasbord after eating fast food for far too long.”

— Lane Gerber, Professor and Chair, Graduate Psychology Program, Seattle University

“The Intensive has folded itself into my life with unimagined ease, expanding my awareness of the meaning of leadership and increasing my capacity for vision.… The work has made me feel more empowered, and more courageous in surrendering my truth to the scrutiny of others.”

— Phyllis Haskell, Chair, Department of Modern Dance, University of Utah

“Charles Johnston and the Institute for Creative Development are challenging our conceptions of ourselves and what it means to be fully alive and contributing to the world at this critical juncture in human history. While many claim innovative thinking and abuse the notion of paradigm shifts, the Institute is seriously and creatively working the margins of consciousness and worldview, challenging human potential and rethinking our collective cultural evolution.”

— Steve Boyd, Founder, Washington Leadership Institute and Washington Governor’s School for Citizen Leadership

“…a precious time, and some fully new steps. The tools and insights gained in the Intensive have greatly influenced my relationships with people as well as the way I think about design.”

— Jim Olson, partner, Olson/Sunberg Architects

“There is more of me in the world that there used to be. I’ve often doused the fire within me to dampen the flames. Being in the Intensive hasn’t made me less afraid of the fire, but it has made me less tolerant of the fear. I sit closer to the fire now, and even risk being burned from time to time.”

— Colleen Campbell, Psychiatric Nurse Specialist